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We appreciate your support and interest in our company. We aim to provide all welding and fabrication services in the Portland area. Please take a look through our site to find a handful of the many welding services we provide and do not hesitate to call or email for a free estimate!

"I have used several Portland welding companies in the past and as expected these services typically come with a high price tag. I found Welding Portland (wish I had found them sooner) and they provided an estimate well below previous jobs I have done. They will be my go-to welding shop from here on out. - Rahul Peters

Services Provided By Welding Portland

Our company can provide any welding service you require. We have many welding contractors ready for the next big job! From our booth welding to mobile welding services we can provide the welder Portland needs in a timely fashion. See below just a glimpse of the many welding opportunities you can take advantage of.

Mobile Welding

Often times customers find themselves unable to bring equipment by the shop for repairs. That is why we are happy to provide the best mobile welding Portland has available. Many people used to exclaim “there are no mobile welders near me!” So we knew we needed to step up and provide these welding services for our community. Our on-site services are unmatched, and our welders have all of the equipment needed to repair or fabricate even in the harshest climates. So the next time you need some fieldwork done, consider Welding Portland!

Residential Welding

Not all of our services are large scale, we also provide the highest quality residential metal fabrication Portland OR has to offer. Typically our customers require structural support welding for their shops. But we can weld any residential piece of metal you can find. Need a custom firepit? We can do it! Need some ornamental iron rod gates and fencing? We can do that too. So do not think “there are no welding companies near me,” because we can be at your door in a matter of days.

Welding Repair

Our number one customer request is welding repair. The main concern we see is “I cannot find welding services near me!” thankfully we are centrally located for all of your welding needs. We have steel fabricators well versed in every welding process and have had years of experience repairing hundreds of metal objects. Between dirtbike frames to handrails and structural supports, we have seen our fair share of successful repairs. Our welders are proficient in every welding process to ensure we provide the proper repair techniques for any situation.

Metal Fabrication

Our welders have years of experience constructing custom metal fabrication Portland area designs. We see metal fabrication as an art form by turning seemingly useless piles of metal into an ornate masterpiece. We do not only do intricate TIG welding work, but we also can provide custom handrail designs for any building or architecture. Both in house and on-site welding fabrication, there is no handrail project that we cannot handle. When your boss or coworker asks “do you know of any metal fabrication near me?” you send them our way if you want a professional, affordable metal fabrication project done right!

Commercial Welding

The city of Portland has been rapidly expanding over the years and is constantly in construction. That is why we offer the best welding contractors Portland OR has ever used. Between the commercial high rise building and bike racks outside coffee shops, we have provided commercial welding services all over the city. Our mobile welding rigs are equipped to handle any project and if there is the equipment we do not have, we will provide it for our welders to make sure we provide the service you require.

About Welding Portland OR

We are forever thankful for the support and projects we have received during our tenure as the most premier Portland Welding company. Our company has had tremendous growth over the years thanks to the dedicated residents of Portland OR. This continuing success at Welding Portland can be attributed to the variety of welding processes that our professional welders perfect every single day. We can provide welding with the following machines:

-TIG Welder

-Spot Welder

-MIG Welder

-Stick Welder

The number one issue we find with our customers is the lack of services other welding companies in Portland provide. We ensure our welders are certified and trained in all welding and fabrication processes so we can accept all potential welding projects.

The Portland metal fabrication scene has become increasingly competitive over the last few years. What sets Welding Portland aside from the competitors is our dedication to serving the customer. We not only value a quality end product, but also the satisfaction of the customer. If a customer has been disturbed by a poor quality part or neglectful customer service we lose sleep at night. When you are thinking “where can I find welding near me,” your search ends at Welding Portland. We serve each customer under three basic principles:

  • Treat them how you would like to be treated. Customers may feel flustered or confused by our approach to welding services and that is okay. It is up to us to provide a calm respectable presence and relieve any stress the customer may feel.
  • Not everyone is a welder. They may not be aware of certain terminology when it comes to the welding fabrication processes. Inform each customer with the proper technical data they need to understand the ordering process without making them feel less of a person.
  • Not all welding companies in Portland OR are subpar. We understand there are other professional metal fabricators in the area that are well known and respected. We love the fact there are other successful welding companies and support their efforts. But we believe we can provide the customer service and fabricating support that puts us one notch above all other welding shops in Portland.

We have provided welding services all over the Portland area and surrounding suburbs for years. Our mission is to produce a high-quality end product for an affordable cost.

Why are we one of the best Welding shops in Portland?

We have some of the best welders Portland Oregon has to offer. Each welder is required to be AWS (American Welding Society) certified and perform periodic welding tests conducting by other certified staff members. We strive to assist them to be the best welder they can be and have found that periodic testing helps produce a professional welder. So when you have an aluminum welding, pipe welding, or custom welding job with tight tolerances, you can count on our crew to meet any specifications.

From the inception of our company we always wanted to be able to give back to the community through weekend volunteer work or providing Portland welding services at a reduced cost (sometimes free). We truly believe you need to give, to be able to receive. The more we help our community the more our community supports us by requesting our welding services. Whenever you need a Portland welder you can always count on the jovial staff at Welding Portland.

While our customer support and service work has built a reputable name for us, it is the high caliber and quick turnaround of our welding projects. Each project that comes through the door has a professional welder meticulously fabricate your design, and through the years of honing their craft can produce an end product quicker than the average metal fabrication Portland offers. Many of our customers keep coming back because we can nail the 3 pillars of a product:

  • Affordable.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Excellent customer service.
portland welder
portland metal fabricators

Typically other metal fabrication Portland shops can only meet two out three of those pillars and that is where we set ourselves apart from the competition.

portland welding services

What to expect from Welding Portland

We have been working with our welders for years to perfect the craft of metal fabrication. Customers continue to use our welding services for our high-quality output and friendly customer service. We always pay attention to finite details when it comes to our fabricating processes.

We do not settle for anything less than perfection! We have an easy to use “request for quote” also known as an RFQ, system that promptly provides an accurate estimate. From RFQ to end product we will always keep in contact with the customer.

Through prep, drilling details, welding, paint prep, and painting (if applicable) we will update you along the way to ensure a stress-free interaction. Contact us today via email or phone to find out more about your welding services needs!

About Portland

Portland has the highest volume of residents per square mile in Oregon and slowly increasing (around 670,000 people in Portland alone). With just a short drive over to the pacific ocean, there are activities for all walks of life. Well known for the Oregon zoo and Japanese gardens, many tourists come for the thriving music, theatre, and art that Portland has to offer.

Portland is an eco-friendly green city putting its residents first by providing safe walking and biking paths. Downtown Portland also has dozens of microbreweries within walking distance, or partake in a brew cycle by biking with other consumers to each brewery. The surrounding areas are also bustling with activities, some of these cities include:

  • Vancouver
  • Hillsboro
  • Gresham
  • Beaverton
  • Tigard
  • Tualatin
  • Camas
  • Troutdale
  • Clackamas
  • Many other surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find welding shops near me?

Well, if you are looking at the Welding Portland website right now, you found one! But typically industrial parks or garages will have a welding shop. The easiest way is to search “welders near me” and many shops in the area should pop up.

What does a welder do?

Welding a precise and meticulous art form. You are essentially turning several pieces of metal into one piece through the usage of an electrode that provides heat to melt the pieces together.

How much does it cost to get something welded?

Typically shops will charge hourly rates for their services and this can vary from $50-$150 an hour. Some shops will round off these numbers into a lump sum to include the labor AND parts required for the job.

Does welding ruin your eyes?

Due to the extreme heat and flash that happens while welding, it can be damaging to your eyes. The use of proper PPE (personal protective equipment) is always required. Providing the right shade of viewer glass for your hood is crucial and can change when using different processes. Auto shade hoods are great because of the shade adjust-ability.

Is welding a bad career choice?

Of course not! We staff many very successful welders that live active fulfilling lives. Granted welding is physically taxing, through the use of proper PPE and not overexerting yourself you can live a comfortable life as a welder.

What type of welding is the strongest?

TIG welding is by far the cleanest and most precise type of welding. MIG and arc welding has some sort of flux core to provide a coating over the weld to trap in gasses. The downside is this flux produces slag and promotes more porosity and inclusions in your weld that reduces the strength of the weld (although still very strong).

" I have dealt with several of the welding services Portland has throughout the years and found that some of them lack general customer decency. I never had that issue working with Welding Portland, the staff was always eager to answer all questions I had. They helped me through the process and always kept in contact. A++"

- Greg Meriwether

" I grew up watching my grandfather weld so I have seen many times what a proper bead should look like and these guys nailed it. Some of the best aluminum welding Portland has to offer, if you have not used Welding Portland yet you are wasting your time! "

- Frankie R.

Contact Welding Portland Today!

Three things always come to our customer’s minds after working with Welding Portland: Quality, service, and speed. That is what sets us apart from other welding companies, our ability to mold to any situation, and provide the right fabrication process for the job.

Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to answer any questions about the vastly shifting climate of the welding and fabrication industry. We strive to provide the best welder Portland has ever seen for every job that comes through the door. Due to the top-notch quality and quick turnaround from our professional welders, they are in high demand so do not hesitate to submit a Welding Portland “request for a quote” form so we can put you in the schedule immediately!

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